The Lean Start-Up

Interesting article in The New York Times today on the so-called “lean start-up”.  It provides a mini-profile of the efforts of entrepreneurs Eric Ries and Steven Blank, who are proponents of this approach, which is an extension of the idea of boot strapping as much as possible prior to taking on outside investment.  Among the key elements of the lean start-up methodology are: (i) because most are Internet-based businesses, they are able to take advantage of open source software development, (ii) they employ agile development methods, (iii) they focus on making some  minimum viable product to get something in the market place to test customer interest, and (iv) on funding, they take as little outside money as possible.  In many respects, this idea boils down to doing whatever it takes to get revenue in the door as soon as possible with whatever product is already available. 

Link to article:

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