The Myths of Innovation: Lecture by Scott Berkun

A week or so ago I came across a video lecture by Scott Berkun, a well-known writer and former high level project manager at Microsoft, in which his topic is “The Myths of Innovation.”  The lecture is a couple of years old, but I imagine that many have not seen it, so I thought it might be worth sharing. 

While the lecture is on the long side, it is worth sticking with, as Berkun’s exploration of how organizations might consider facilitating innovation is thought provoking as he weaves in a good deal about the history of technological  advancements.  Among his many useful observations is the reminder that most successful approaches to foster innovation accept that failed development efforts — and, by extension, failed entrepreneurial ventures — are both valuable and essential to the innovation process and should be looked upon as the learning experiences that they truly are (or can be).

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